90% of sellers DO NOT get Full Value when selling their home.

Bad News – Good News

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Bad News:

90% of sellers do not get Full Value when selling their residential properties.

Annual statistics constantly show that whenever ten residential properties of equal value sell, there will almost always be a ten percent difference between the lowest selling price and the highest selling price.

Full Value is acheived when the selling price of you property is equal to or higher than the highest selling price of a house like yours, in your area, at this time.

Typically, when the average selling price was, for example, $1,000,000, the lowest selling price was $950,000 and the highest selling price was $1,050,000.

Keep in mind that all ten houses could have sold for the same price. That means the sellers who sold at $950,000 could have sold for $1,050,000 if they had done exactly the same things as the as the seller who sold for $1,050,000.

Good News:


You can sell your residential property for full value if you do four things right: List with the Right Agent; list at the Right Price at the beginning; offer the Right Commission at the beginnng; and prepare your property for maximum showability with the Right Staging.

Everything starts with the Right Agent. You must list with an agent who is fully trained in the special strategies  needed for you to enjoy a faster than average sale at Full Value.

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